Quantify the
patient's motor

Baiobit objectively measures
the movements of the main body districts

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Plan therapeutic exercise
supported by
digital biofeedbacks

Baiobit provides sound and visual cues
to make rehabilitation more engaging

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Evaluate the progress
by comparing
results over time

Baiobit provides intuitive reports
to effectively communicate with the patient

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A digital system for measuring the movement. It consists of a wearable sensor (medical device) and a software that provides clinical reports.


It supports the professional in the evaluation of motor function and in the execution of the patient's therapeutic exercise:



Baiobit is designed for movement analysis professionals in many fields:



Skeletal muscular


Post surgical



Objective measurement

baiobit provides objective data about patients' movement. By comparing the reports obtained in the various sessions, you monitor the progress of the rehabilitation.

Therapy with biofeedback

Discover the therapeutic exercises supported by biofeedback. During the execution, the patient receives sound and visual signals that actively engage him.

Involvement of the patient

Download an easy-to-read report at the end of each session. Comparing the data obtained during the different phases of the rehabilitation, you can easily show your patients their progress over time.

Rehabilitation program design

Thanks to the repeatability of its measurements, baiobit supports you in the choice of the best therapeutic program as well as in monitoring the evolution of the patient's motor skills over time.

1Place the sensor

Prep the patient placing the sensor on the body segment of interest, then run the software.

2Do the exam

Start the test or the therapeutic exercise of your choice, and check out the real time data.

3Get the report

Look at the report automatically generated once the test is completed.

Una vasta gamma di protocolli


  • Cammino
  • Equilibrio
  • Salto
  • Cervicale, spalla, tronco
  • FREE
  • Timed Up&Go

Esercizi terapeutici

  • Esercizi terapeutici
  • Cervical Clock
  • Joint Position Sense
  • Equilibrio
  • Esercizi angoli free
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Our applications

Range of Motion

Instrumental and accurate analysis of joint range of motion.


  • Cervical
  • Shoulder
  • Trunk
  • Free angles

Biofeedback exercises

Gait & Balance

Walk and equilibrium evaluation to create tailor-made rehabilitative programs.


  • Timed Up and Go
  • Walk
  • Balance

Biofeedback exercises

Return to play

Support in the path to recover from a sport injury.


  • Jump
  • Power-Force-Velocity Profile
  • Balance

Biofeedback exercises


Support during cognitive assessment and rehabilitation.

Cognitive exercises

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Executive functions
  • Perception

Clinical cases

Clinical cases

Hydrokinesitherapy in post knee surgery

Clinical cases

Tratamiento integral de rehabilitación y pruebas de marcha con baiobit

Clinical cases

Subacute neck pain and symptom-reported HRT

Clinical cases

Patient suffering from low back pain: an example of rehabilitation assessment

Clinical cases

Recurring ankle sprain while running

Clinical cases

Soccer player with sprained ankle: ready to get back in the game?

Clinical cases

Cervical pain: the importance of the objective evaluation of the Range Of Motion

Clinical cases

Parkinson’s disease and fall risk assessment

Clinical cases

Subacute neck pain with reported symptoms and dizziness

Clinical cases

Measurement of pelvic movements during the vertical jump to assess the risk of injury in a soccer player with reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament

Clinical cases

Nonspecific acute low back pain: technology to support evaluation, treatment, and follow-up

Clinical cases

Recovery of the ROM and function of the cervical spine in an elderly patient with Spondyloarthrosis

Clinical cases

Movement analysis in patients with psychomotor disabilities in residential and semi-residential nursing homes with static and dynamic balance disorders

Clinical cases

Neck pain in professional volleyball player: management and therapy

Clinical cases

Hip prosthesis: functional recovery of the walk with a dedicated technology

Clinical cases

Effect of vestibular-ocular stimulations on the postural tonic system in patients with the disharmonic syndrome

Clinical cases

Objective evaluation of the improvement of ROM and motor control in a case of “neck pain with mobility deficit”

Clinical cases

Functional rehabilitation in the outcome of vertebral fracture

Clinical cases

Traumatic tendon injury on sport climbing athlete: movement analysis for functional assessment of shoulder flexion pain

Clinical cases

Ankle prosthesis surgery: evaluation of the load distribution during the initial phase of rehabilitation

Clinical cases

Objective ROM’s evaluation and pain improvement after vertebral manipulation of the cervical spine

Clinical cases

Acute Shoulder Trauma: Technological Support from Assessment to Treatment

Our wish is to generate happiness

We are committed so that every day in the world there can be even just one happier person because he has improved his movement thanks to the support of our innovative technologies.

We want to reveal every secret of human movement by making measurable what can only be imagined today. We will therefore be partners of all those professionals who believe in the scientific nature of their work, helping them to generate and develop excellent services.

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