Neck pain in professional volleyball player: management and therapy

Author: Doctor Eithan Cousin


24-year-old girl, professional volleyball player with acute neck pain. In the past 24 hours, she had rigidity joint stiffness in all  movements of the cervical spine, with accentuated pain especially in the flexion-extension and lateral inclination movements. She went to the office for treatment ahead of an official competition.

Test with Baiobit:

The active joint excursion test on all planes of space was carried out with the baiobit technology, noting (assessing meglio no?) the pain perceived for each movement.

Rehabilitation program:

The patient was subjected, after a careful evaluation, to cervical manipulation to improve joint excursion, followed by soft tissue treatment and joint mobilization of all segments. After the manual treatment, active exercises were performed on the patient with biobit.

Pre-Treatment Photo

Exercises with Baiobit:

The patient performed active movements with Biofeedback on all planes of space. Active movements associated with passive movements were promoted at the end of actively granted ROM.


At the end of single physiotherapy treatment, the patient surprisingly regained sufficient active and passive mobility of the entire cervical region. The VAS scale shows a clear improvement in painful symptoms following the manual therapy treatment, while the joint ROM has been regained mainly with active exercises and self-mobilization by the patient himself.

Post-Treatment Photo


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