Acute Shoulder Trauma: Technological Support from Assessment to Treatment

Author: Dr. Alessio Liberati

Anamnesi: S.C. 22-year-old male with acute pain in his left shoulder following a fall with his arm in extra? rotation during a football training session. Pain occurs in passive movements but even more so in active movements, especially those of shoulder flexion and external rotation.

Test with Baiobit:With Baiobit the flexion and extension movements of the shoulder in the sagittal plane and intra-extrarotation in the horizontal plane were evaluated.

  • Shoulder flexion-extension ROM in standing position
  • Intra-extra rotation ROM in standing position

Pre-Treatment Photos: 

Post-Treatment Photos:

Second Treatment Photos:

Third Treatment Photos:

Rehabilitation program: Following a careful physiotherapy evaluation, supported by Baiobit, a Fascial Manipulation treatment was carried out in order to improve ROM and decrease the pain associated with these movements. Thereafter, we proceeded with therapeutic exercise in biofeedback (in the studio), performed through Baiobit and exercises selected by the program to the patient with the aim of improving and stabilizing the motor functions previously compromised.

Exercises with baiobit: Biofeedback exercises in the studio (join position sense) and therapeutic exercises for the home assigned to the patient.

  • Joint Position Sense exercise for the movemet of flexion-estension and intra-extra rotation of shoulder
  • Home therapeutic exercises assigned to the patient.

Results: At the end of the therapy (3 sessions in a week), consisting of a fascial manipulation treatment and two of biofeedback exercises in the studio and exercises assigned at home (once a day), the patient reports a significant increase in ROM on the various movement directions. and an improvement in pain symptoms on the VAS scale.

Intra-extra rotation results:

Flexion-extension results:VAS results:


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