Functional rehabilitation in the outcome of vertebral fracture

Author: Doctor Luca Barni


Patient with a traumatic D9 vertebral fracture due to a fall on a motorcycle. It occurs in the office 5 months after the event with the persistence of pain in the back-lumbar and lumbar area up to the right iliac crest, also presenting functional limitation in the movements of the trunk and fear of carrying out movements. From radiographic checks and the orthopedic visit, the fracture is consolidated but the pain and functional limitations persist.

Test with Biobit:

Dorsal active range of motion (ROM) test before (figure 2) and after physiotherapy treatment (figures below).

Rehabilitation program:

After carrying out the AROMs with Baiobit, the pain tests were carried out, specifically the tests for evoking vertebral and muscular pain and the dermis (Pincé roulé) in the segment close to the fracture, in particular from D9 to L3 with the positivity of the segment affected by the trauma. Following this, the treatment was based on an explanation of the mechanisms of pain, mobilization of the middle and lower spine, manipulation of the lumbar spine and muscle energy techniques, prescription of home therapeutic exercise through the Baiobit program with exercises to strengthen the spine stabilizers and stretching. static-dynamic of the posterior spine musculature.


After the session, the patient significantly improved the AROM in particular the anterior flexion with a percentage improvement of 54% and the right rotation of 62% with associated marked improvement in pain reduced on the VAS scale of 85% for the anterior trunk flexion and 66% on rotation. The patient will carry out a checkup after 10 days, in the time frame he will perform exercises as prescribed with the therapeutic dose indicated in the card to be performed daily.


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