Hip prosthesis: functional recovery of the walk with a dedicated technology

Author: Doctor Daniele Maremmani

Anamnesis: 58-year-old patient, who had been operated on a hip prosthesis for the right limb for about 5 months, has already undergone several physiotherapy cycles with interventions mainly on strength and proprioception of the lower limb. himself voluntarily.

Test with Baiobit:

We decide to perform walking and unilateral balance tests with baiobit, in which we note the considerable difficulty in maintaining the monopodalic position and above all an excessive inclination on the frontal plane of the pelvis compared to the contralateral on the non-operated limb, therefore an increased tilt of the pelvis during the support phase of the operated limb.

Initial evaluation of the walking ability of the patient: 

Basin initial assessment: 

Rehabilitation program: A cycle of 12 functional re-education sessions of the trunk stabilizing muscles were carried out with a particular focus on the right gluteus medius, we also carried out walking re-training sessions on the treadmill, to make the patient active in the treatment and recover the correct step diagram.

Exercises with Baiobit: Static and dynamic balance exercises in biofeedback, trunk motor control exercises.

Results: At the end of the treatment sessions, a re-evaluation of the patient’s gait was carried out, reporting a clear improvement in the symmetry of support in walking and an almost complete recovery of the frontal inclination of the pelvis, symmetrical concerning the contralateral limb.

Final evaluation of the walking ability of the patient:

Basin final assessment


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