Nonspecific acute low back pain: technology to support evaluation, treatment, and follow-up

Doctor: Alessio Liberati


A 25-year-old man presented in the office for acute low back pain with severe functional limitation and high pain. Under medical advice, he took NSAIDs but did not find any benefit. The pain occurs mostly at night, in the postural transition from the sitting to the standing station, and as per physiotherapy assessment also in movements on all planes of space.

Test with Baiobit:

R.O.M.tests have been carried out with Baiobit. of the trunk on all planes of space.

Pre-Treatment Evaluation:

Post first treatment evaluation: 

Rehabilitation program:

After physiotherapy evaluation, the patient underwent two sessions of manual therapy (1 per week) and two sessions of therapeutic exercise in the office. Besides, home exercises were prescribed by baiobit software.

Exercises with Baiobit:

Biofeedback exercises (join position sense) for the trunk, dynamic balance exercises, plus mobility exercises and strengthening of the trunk muscles assigned for home.

Pre second treatment evaluation:

Post second treatment evaluation: 


At the end of the two-week therapy with 4 sessions (2 per week) divided into 2 of fascial manipulation and two of exercises carried out in biofeedback with the addition of exercises performed at home according to prescription, the mobility and lumbar pain disappear, remaining a slight discomfort in the flexion movement of the trunk. It was then decided to treat it after a month (which became two due to Covid-19) in which the patient continued the exercises assigned at home through the software. At the follow-up the symptoms disappeared and the mobility improved.

Follow-up evaluation: 


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